1912 -

Guidelines and Rules for Bonfires

Bonfires are allowed from the 1st October to the 31st March.

1. Insurance requirements:

The following reasonable precautions shall be taken on each occasion when there is burning of debris by you or any of your members

A) Fires must be in a cleared area and at a distance of at least nine metres from any property outside the boundary of the allotment site or from any property belonging to WWAL or of any other member of the Insured
B) Fires shall not be left unattended at any time
C) A suitable fire extinguisher shall be kept available for use as soon as reasonably possible
D) Fires shall be extinguished at least one hour prior to leaving the site

2. Additional local guidelines and good practice

A) All Plot Holders at the Hawes Lane Site are responsible for any fire you light and the consequences of any damage or injury caused by that fire.
B) On no account must materials of any kind be brought to the Hawes Lane Site for burning.
C) Avoid burning at weekends and on Bank Holidays and especially on days where people may be sitting in their gardens.
D) Do not light a fire when weather conditions will cause problems. Fires should be lit only when the wind is light and steady and in a direction which will cause the least annoyance, and never when the wind is blowing towards neighbouring houses or onto Glebe Way.
E) Extinguish the fire immediately if it is causing or likely to cause any nuisance to adjacent Residents or other plot holders or if smoke is likely to impair visibility for traffic on Glebe Way.
F) Never add household rubbish, plastic or similar synthetic or rubber materials to the fire. Do not use engine oil or other sump oil to start the fire.
G) Ensure any children are kept well away from the fire and check that no wildlife has taken shelter among the materials to be burned.

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